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Choose Local. Now Matters.

Together Wenatchee is a pop-up, grassroots effort to share up-to-date info on how our community could support local Wenatchee Valley small businesses during the initial weeks of the COVID-19 shutdown.

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Wait—Where Did TogetherWenatchee.Com Go?

Together Wenatchee’s goal has always been to support our Wenatchee area small businesses together—never to compete against local businesses. After the initial shock of the Coronavirus shutdown, businesses began to launch efforts that met similar community needs as Together Wenatchee.

It’s time to put all of our community love behind these local business efforts!

How Can I Support Wenatchee Area Businesses Now?

Now that the Coronavirus shutdown has become our new normal, other resources have sprung up to fill the need and the pop-up Together Wenatchee effort has passed the baton:

What Was TogetherWenatchee.Com?

The Together Wenatchee website launched on Tuesday, March 17th, 2020, hours after Gov. Inslee declared his initial “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order set to shutter local businesses the following day.

Literally overnight, our tiny team of volunteers built the bilingual, multi-vendor marketplace website and Facebook group that grew to include over 150 locally-owned businesses and over 3,500 community members in a month. 100% free for everyone.

Together Wenatchee pop-up local shopping

In the critical first 6 weeks of the Coronavirus shutdown, Together Wenatchee served as a hub for small businesses to share their up-to-date info on store hours, take-out and delivery options and where to buy online or over the phone. For posterity, here’s a video of in all its glory:

Who Made Together Wenatchee?

Together Wenatchee was created and led by Empower Dataworks.
Digital Media Northwest led social media efforts, supported by Jennifer Korfiatis.
Awdience Design created the crowd-favorite Together Wenatchee logo.
Marisol Leon provided Spanish-language translations.
The team at Voortex Productions created the Together We Are Stronger videos.

Empower Dataworks
Digital Media Northwest
Awdience Design
Jennifer Korfiatis Marketing
Voortex Productions
Marisol Leon